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A Daughter Honours Her Parents…

In 2002, Mrs. Dorothy (Grahame) Harrington had the generosity, vision and caring to make her first gift to The Teulon Collegiate Endowment Fund through the ICF. The Foundation pools gifts in a capital fund that remains in perpetuity providing citizens with a means of permanently endowing their region and helping to shape its future. The gift is never “spent” and the income generated from the capital is distributed as grants. Donors have the option to choose to support a favourite cause.

Mrs. Harrington graduated from Teulon’s four room high school in 1946 and went on to graduate from the University of Manitoba School of Home Economics in 1950 and then obtained her Master of Science degree in 1952 from the University of Minnesota. After living overseas for several years, she settled with her husband and family in Michigan. Now widowed, Mrs. Harrington resides in Georgia close to her daughters, Catherine and Pamella, and their families.

As the descendant of two pioneering families, Mrs. Harrington feels most fortunate to have grown up in Teulon and has many fond memories of that time. In making a donation to T.C.I., she chose to honour the memory of her parents, William Stuart Grahame and Catherine Elizabeth (Wood) Grahame. Stuart and Bess Grahame made significant contributions to the community of Teulon in their life time. Mrs. Harrington writes:

“Both of my parents were the children of original pioneers in the district, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Wood and Mr. and Mrs. James Grahame. My mother was the first Grade 1 teacher and taught for 16 years until her marriage. My father never finished high school because of two life threatening illnesses when he was young. However, he was brilliant—he opened Grahame’s Garage when he was 18, built the first snow plane from scratch, built the first pressurized fire truck, hockey score board and clock and did a lot of the electrical wiring of homes and businesses in Teulon. My mother, along with Dr. Goodwin’s wife, obtained supplies and organized a knitting drive in the area to help out the war effort. Both of my parents were leaders in the community.”

The continued financial generosity of Mrs. Harrington is helping the Teulon Collegiate Endowment Fund to attain its goal of providing an Alumni Scholarship so deserving graduating students of T.C.I. may continue their post secondary education as well as to provide funds for a school improvement program.

Donors who think of others and the needs of the community are the ones who create and perpetuate permanent endowment funds. Thank you to Mrs. Harrington for contributing to this lasting legacy.

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