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Grant Highlights 2012

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Grant Highlights 2011

ICF - Communities Fund Grant Allocations (2011)


Starting Blocks Inc.
Repair and Paint Damaged Walls (Supplies Only)
South Interlake Seniors' Resource Council
Purchase Dishwasher
Teulon Day Care
Purchase Pea Gravel for Playground
Stony Mountain Community Association
Sports Field Development (Grass Seed/Infill)
South West District Palliative Care, INC.
Purchase Portable Ceiling Track System
Teulon-Rockwood Centennial Centre
Purchase Podium and Replace Blinds
Teulon-Rockwood Arena
Renovation of Canteen / Equipment Purchase
Balmoral Recreation Enterprise Inc.
Install Safety Netting-Supplies Only
Balmoral Community Hall
Replace Carpet (Supplies Only)
South Interlake Regional Library
Purchase New Chairs
Teulon Hunter Memorial Health District
Warren Collegiate Institute
Leadership Award
Stonewall Collegiate Institute
Leadership Award
Teulon Collegiate Institute
Leadership Award

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