Scholarship Funds are established by an individual donor, a group or an organization through donations, fundraising efforts or a bequest. The minimum amount required to establish a Scholarship Fund is $7,500, which then would grow from additional contributions as well as through the investment policy of The Foundation.

Scholarship Funds are permanently established endowed funds with The Winnipeg Foundation which administers the funds that are designed to support students. All annual income is distributed as a scholarship in accordance with the approved spending policy of The Winnipeg Foundation.

All gifts received directly from a donor for a Scholarship Fund will be deposited to the appropriate fund and reported as contributed capital as part of the Consolidated Trust Fund
(CTF). The Winnipeg Foundation does not give money to establish a scholarship fund, but we do assist an organization or school in establishing a fund by providing information and ideas.

For more information please visit their website at or phone (204) 944-9474.

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