The Rev. Dr. Barry Grant Rasmussen Scholarship was established as a result of the grief that the communities of Teulon and Inwood were experiencing in the winter of 2003. Pastor Barry as he was known, was the Lutheran Church minister for the congregations of St. Peter, Teulon and Gethsemane, Inwood. Pastor Barry, his wife, Karen and two daughters, Amy and Michelle made Teulon their home in 1997 and soon became active, loved community members. On Saturday, January 25, 2003, Pastor Barry died suddenly at the age of 47 while doing something he loved, playing hockey.

Pastor Barry had touched the lives of many people in the few short years since he had made Teulon his home. The communities, including his friends, family and parishioners were in shock and mourning and deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely death. A few church members from St. Peter and Gethsemane met in early February to discuss how his ministry might continue to have meaning while at the same time give community members an avenue where financial donations may be given.

Pastor Barry aspired to higher education obtaining several degrees including B. Arts 1979, M. Divinity 1983, M. Sacred Theology 1994, and in 1999 he received his PhD in Religious Studies. It became apparent after several committee meetings and in consultation with Karen that an annual scholarship should be established in Pastor Barry’s name. Developing criteria for applicants was an easy process as it was very clear that Pastor Barry loved people, life, his community, sports and as mentioned post-secondary learning. The committee felt worthy recipients should be active in his/her community, school and church, play and/or coach sports, and plan to attend a University.  By early April 2003 over $3500.00 had been donated to the scholarship fund in memory of Pastor Barry. Pastor Barry’s family was in full agreement and gave their total support.

The first Rev. Dr. Barry Grant Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Marcie Smerchanski at Teulon Collegiate Institute’s Graduation Ceremony in June 2003 by Bruce Brunger, committee member and Karen Rasmussen.

The committee would like to acknowledge the community, St. Peter and Gethsemane churches, and the Rasmussen Family for their love and support in maintaining the Scholarship and in so doing continuing the ministry of Pastor Barry.

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