Mrs. A. Unrau and family created the Dave and Annette Unrau Award. This award is to be given to a student at Stonewall Collegiate who is in a modified or individualized education program. They wish to recognize this segment of the school population who work incredibly hard but often do not get awarded for their efforts. The student does not need to apply for the award, but is nominated by teachers and selected by the awards committee. The student must have shown improvement during the year (either in behaviour or marks) OR has consistently been a hard-working student; has a good attitude; and has demonstrated a willingness to help others.

Scholarship Funds are established by an individual donor, a group or an organization through donations, fundraising efforts or a bequest. The minimum amount required to establish a Scholarship Fund is $7,500, which then would grow from additional contributions as well as through the investment policy of The Foundation.

Scholarship Funds are permanently established endowed funds with The Winnipeg Foundation which administers the funds that are designed to support students. All annual income is distributed as a scholarship in accordance with the approved spending policy of The Winnipeg Foundation.

All gifts received directly from a donor for a Scholarship Fund will be deposited to the appropriate fund and reported as contributed capital as part of the Consolidated Trust Fund
(CTF). The Winnipeg Foundation does not give money to establish a scholarship fund, but we do assist an organization or school in establishing a fund by providing information and ideas.

For more information please visit their website at or phone (204) 944-9474.

The Rev. Dr. Barry Grant Rasmussen Scholarship was established as a result of the grief that the communities of Teulon and Inwood were experiencing in the winter of 2003. Pastor Barry as he was known, was the Lutheran Church minister for the congregations of St. Peter, Teulon and Gethsemane, Inwood. Pastor Barry, his wife, Karen and two daughters, Amy and Michelle made Teulon their home in 1997 and soon became active, loved community members. On Saturday, January 25, 2003, Pastor Barry died suddenly at the age of 47 while doing something he loved, playing hockey.

Pastor Barry had touched the lives of many people in the few short years since he had made Teulon his home. The communities, including his friends, family and parishioners were in shock and mourning and deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely death. A few church members from St. Peter and Gethsemane met in early February to discuss how his ministry might continue to have meaning while at the same time give community members an avenue where financial donations may be given.

Pastor Barry aspired to higher education obtaining several degrees including B. Arts 1979, M. Divinity 1983, M. Sacred Theology 1994, and in 1999 he received his PhD in Religious Studies. It became apparent after several committee meetings and in consultation with Karen that an annual scholarship should be established in Pastor Barry’s name. Developing criteria for applicants was an easy process as it was very clear that Pastor Barry loved people, life, his community, sports and as mentioned post-secondary learning. The committee felt worthy recipients should be active in his/her community, school and church, play and/or coach sports, and plan to attend a University.  By early April 2003 over $3500.00 had been donated to the scholarship fund in memory of Pastor Barry. Pastor Barry’s family was in full agreement and gave their total support.

The first Rev. Dr. Barry Grant Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Marcie Smerchanski at Teulon Collegiate Institute’s Graduation Ceremony in June 2003 by Bruce Brunger, committee member and Karen Rasmussen.

The committee would like to acknowledge the community, St. Peter and Gethsemane churches, and the Rasmussen Family for their love and support in maintaining the Scholarship and in so doing continuing the ministry of Pastor Barry.

The Show n’ Shine is a fundraiser to raise money for scholarship in memory of our son, Michael Lindell. It has been a positive response to our tragic loss and has provided a lasting tribute to Michael. Mike had a passion for cars and furthering his education in the automotive industry was his goal. The scholarship funded by this event is awarded annually to a graduating student(s) from Warren Collegiate entering the automotive industry in the trades, technical or engineering.

The ICF administers the fund and pools gifts in a capital fund that generates income to allow the Scholarships to be awarded annually and in perpetuity. Receipts are issued for contributions of $10.00 or more.

The 2009 event is scheduled for Sunday, June 21, 2009. Please visit their website for further information.

The Ben and Marjorie King Memorial Bursary was initiated by their son (Rev. Dr.) Harold and family on the occasion of Harold and Doreen's 50th wedding anniversary.

Marjorie Myrtle Lundy was born at Lundyville, Manitoba., 1902- died 1995. She attended Lily Bay School and Success Business College in Winnipeg before employment as a Stenographer. Benjamin Reuben King was born at Birds Hill, Manitoba, 1895- died 1980. He attended school in Birds Hill. He served briefly in the armed services during the First World War. As a young man he bought a steam threshing outfit which he operated for many years doing custom threshing.

Ben and Marjorie married in 1919 and homesteaded in Lily Bay, Manitoba, until they moved to Warren, Manitoba in 1925 where they farmed until retirement.

Ben was a community minded citizen who served in 1914 on the building committee of the Birds Hill Anglican Church; as a trustee on the Warren School Board; Chair of the Warren Memorial Hall for 21 years; Director of the Warren Agricultural Society: Chair of  Winnipeg Local of the Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Co-operative: President of District 6 of Manitoba Federation of Agriculture and Co-operation; Director, the Marquette Consumer's Co-op; Delegate to the Canadian
Co-operative Implements Ltd, Saskatoon; Board member, Warren Pool Elevator Association: and Councillor of Woodlands Municipality for 26 years.  He held life membership in the Union of Manitoba Municipalities and was a member of the Warren United Church.

Marjorie was active in every aspect of farming with a primary role in gardening and business recording and reporting. She was a support and consultant to Ben in his community work. She was the heart of family life and was viewed as the family historian within the many branches of the extended family. Family and friends appreciated her photographic memory; her excellent facility with the English language; her avid reading and openness to new ideas; her non critical listening; her encouragement and support. With her excellent quality of life, her gracious and generous hospitality, her sense of humour, and her love of learning, she bequeathed a priceless heritage to her descendants. Ben and Marjorie had nine children.

Ben 1921 died in infancy; Jennie (Horsman) 1922-2002; Myrtle (Smith)1925; Annie 1929-1931; Marvin 1931; Ronald 1933- 2006; Harold 1935: Elsie (Brunger) 1937; Doris (Hunter) 1945.  They had 24 grandchildren.

Funds for this award were donated by Mr. and Mrs. A. Howard Campbell. The scholarship is given to the Teulon Collegiate Grade 10 student who has achieved the highest average (carrying a full course load). This award is presented at the Fall Awards nights.

Monies for this award were raised in memory of Dr. Hunter and Mr. Cumming. The interest is awarded to a Teulon Collegiate student or students who have achieved high academic standing in Grade 12 and are planning to pursue post-secondary education.

Monies were raised in memory of Dr. Goodwin. The interest is awarded to a Teulon Collegiate student who intends to pursue a career in the medical field. The money is released to the student when he/she presents proof of enrolment in a medical related field of study at an accredited post-secondary institution. This entails that the money may be held for up to 5 years.

The Lorne and Irene Ferley Endowment Fund was established in 1995 to accrue financial benefits to the community of Teulon in perpetuity. Benefactors to date include The Teulon and District Historical Museum and members of graduating class of Teulon Collegiate awarded the Michael Ferley Bursary.

The Lorne Ferley Scholarship may be awarded annually to a worthy graduating Grade 12 student of Teulon Collegiate Institute, pursuing studies in a Faculty at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Scholarship is a tribute to Teulon Collegiate Institute for service to the community since its founding in 1917. Lorne Ferley is a member of the 1952 graduating class.

The deserving student is to be selected by staff at Teulon Collegiate Institute. Funding for the Scholarship will be provided annually by the Lorne and Irene Ferley Endowment Fund managed by the Interlake Community Foundation Inc. The recipient will receive a letter that advises that the award is tenable at the University of Manitoba.

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