Types of Endowment Funds

Endowment funds with ICF give back to local communities.



The ICF was established in 1994 and now consists of several endowment funds. An endowment fund is a gift of capital that is to be held in perpetuity. Only the income from the capital can be spent each year and it is directed in the form of grants to various charitable organizations. 

Some of the gifts come from individuals, and their endowment funds are generally called “Named Funds”. However, there are different types of named funds at ICF. Some donors have created a “field of interest” fund, which means that the annual income can be granted to any charity working in a particular area such as youth, seniors, recreation, arts and culture or a particular community. Other donors have created a “designated fund” which means that the annual income goes to a specific charity or perhaps to a scholarship. However, most donors have left their named funds “un-designated” which means that the annual income can be directed by the ICF to charities in The Foundation's area. The ICF keeps the capital and each year uses the income for grants.

Designated Funds
Support a particular organization as named by the donor.
Un-designated Funds
Support general community purposes.
Flow-through Funds
Non-permanent, pass-through funds received for distribution for a specific project. Used for grant making, funds are gifted by an individual or corporation to the community foundation with instructions to pass on to a specified charitable organization.
Field of Interest Funds
Support a general area of interest.
Operating Fund
Offset program expenses of the Foundation.
Scholarship Funds
To enable deserving students to continue their education.
The Community Builder Club
Minimum commitment of $100/yr over 10 years. Choose the community or area of interest your funds will support.

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