Youth in Philanthropy

Tuesday September 29th our Youth in Philanthropy groups from Stonewall Colligate, Teulon Colligate and ICF Board Members got together for a morning of brainstorming ideas. A lot of great Ideas came out of this meeting. We look forward to holding one every September to get our YIP groups prepared for the upcoming year.




The Youth in Philanthropy Program is a project to encourage the involvement of high schools in rural Manitoba to learn to be philanthropic. This program is initiated by The Thomas Sill Foundation and jointly sponsored by The Thomas Sill Foundation (for the first three years) and the Interlake Community Foundation. Stonewall Collegiate was the first one to start in 2003.

The high schools and ICF have established a Youth in Philanthropy group which researches grant applications. The Thomas Sill Foundation granted $3,500 per year for the first three years and the Interlake Community Foundation sponsors another $3,500 per year for the last three years; $2,500 is for direct grants to qualified charitable organizations and $1,000 is for expenses incurred by the YIP group. Any balance of the $1,000 goes to a Youth in Philanthropy Endowment Fund at the Interlake Community Foundation.

Starting in year 7 of the program, the funding structure will change as follows: The ICF will allocate 3.5% of the balance of their high school YIP endowment fund for granting. In addition, they will match the amount of the net fundraising proceeds with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1500. We will base this on the amount fundraised from the previous year. Fundraising is a requirement of the program. .

Each YIP group has the opportunity and responsibility to research the activities of various registered charities in the area. They recommend grants of up to $500 and offer general advice to the Board of the Interlake Community Foundation. The YIP group will build capital in their High School Philanthropy Endowment Fund—the income from which will be dispersed in future years. Students will learn about foundation philanthropy, but they will also learn about how important the charitable sector is to their community. The intention is to provide leadership development opportunities for participants to gain a deeper understanding of “community”, volunteerism and public service. YIP groups are publicly accountable for their recommendations, all of which have been approved by the Board of the Interlake Community Foundation. Teachers from each of the schools volunteer their time to lead the groups. .

This program is currently being conducted in Stonewall Collegiate Institute, Teulon Collegiate Institute and Warren Collegiate Institute. To apply for a grant, click here for the application form. The deadline is February 28th of each year.

SCI Youth in Philanthropy 2011

Arris Centre
Purchase Exercise Equipment
Starting Blocks Inc.
Purchase Dishwasher
South Interlake Regional Library (Stonewall)
Purchase Teen Fiction
South West Palliative Care Inc.
Purchase Games for Children's Area

WCI Youth in Philanthropy 2011

(ISD) Warren Collegiate--Volcano Club
Supplies to Build Guitars that will Remain at the School
South Interlake Rec Centre (Warren Minor Hockey)
Purchase Jerseys for Warren Minor Hockey
South West Palliative Care Inc.
Purchase New Printer
Warren Collegiate
Purchase Books for Book Club

TCI Youth in Philanthropy 2011

Teulon Day Care Inc.
Purchase of Wainscoting
South Interlake Regional Library (Teulon)
Purchase Books Only
South West Palliative Care Inc. (Teulon)
Purchase Wii and Accessories
Teulon and District Seniors Resource Council
Purchase Wii and Accessories
Teulon College (First Nations Committee)
Purchase Teepee
Teulon Elementary School
Purchase Weather Station


TOTAL All Groups: $6,500

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