Established in 1994



Community foundations bring together people who feel passionately about their community. Since incorporation in 1994, the citizens of the ICF area have been instrumental in building a permanent endowment fund. It started in October 1995, with a $100,000 challenge grant from the Thomas Sill Foundation. Business, service groups, local municipal councils and citizens joined in to meet the challenge by raising $200,000. Although The Foundation had four years to raise the funds, the goal was achieved by the Fall of 1998. Our assets have grown to over $1,200,000.

The first grants were made in 1996 and to date, over $540,000 has been provided to local charitable organizations to fund worthwhile projects in the south Interlake area.  

We are a member of Community Foundations of Canada.

We receive much support from the Winnipeg Foundation.

The Directors who signed our Articles of Incorporation in September 1994 were Alex Krawec, Allan Aitken and Lorne W. Ferley. We are grateful for their leadership.

All monies donated are held in perpetuity and the income generated from their investment will provide funding to qualifying non-profit organizations in the Interlake area. The ICF provides people from all walks of life with an opportunity to give something back to their community. It is an effective and secure way to give and is ideal for those who wish to make a gift to their community which will last. 

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