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Grants and Scholarships Awarded

2021 Community Grants Awarded!

We could not have our 2021 Grant Presentation Event as planned. Here instead we have a short video series with the announcements! Here’s the PDF with the awards ICF 2021 Grants and awards

Bob Beck, ICF Board Chair welcomes and thanks you! Bob Beck ICF Chair welcome

Cheryle McClure, ICF Community Grants Chair, presents the 2021 Grants!

Sandra Smith presents the 2021 designated and scholarship awards!

Thanks for watching!

The 2020 Grant allocations have been made! As we are unable to have our grant presentation event, we invite you to view the list of grants below. Including the Build 150 grant funds, we granted over $47000 in community grants. When our designated and scholarship funds are included, we granted over $63,000! The granting process was very difficult this year as we had requests of over $164,000 and only $47,000 in available funds.

ICF 2020 Grants for report





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