Established in 1994

FAQ Page

Who Benefits?

The whole community. By promoting the value of charitable giving and providing grants from every sector from seniors to youth, health, education, the arts, and recreation. We serve the South Interlake area of the RMs of Rockwood, Rosser, Woodlands, and the Towns of Teulon and Stonewall.

Who Gives to Community Foundations?

All kinds of people, businesses and organizations give many types of gifts – cash, real estate, stock, artwork and insurance. Flexibility is key. Donors can choose to support their hometown broadly or designate a favourite cause or charity. We also hold several scholarship funds.

What do Community Foundations Do?

Community foundations combine three main roles:

1. Endowment Building/Donor Service: Pool the charitable gifts of many donors to create permanent, income-earning endowment funds – a nest egg that will always be there to benefit communities. Connect donors with the issues and organizations that matter most to them. Offer a variety of funds to meet donors’ charitable goals; use their insight and experience to help donors have maximum impact.

2. Grant Making: Use the income earned by invested funds to give grants to a wide range of community groups; the original investment is left to grow over time.

3. Community Convening and Leadership: Work with the entire community, bringing people together from all sectors to identify and address local issues.

What is a Community Foundation?

Locally run community foundations that build and manage endowment funds to support charitable activities in their area.

Each community foundation is autonomous and governed by a volunteer board of local leaders. They exist in every province and one territory and are linked and supported at the national level through their membership organization, Community Foundations of Canada.