Established in 1994

Save the Kilns–Town of Stonewall Capital Fund

Save the Kilns Flow Through Capital Fund

Town of Stonewall–Save the Kilns Capital Fund has been set up to accept donations towards the project. This fund is not endowed or held in perpetuity. Rather, all donations will flow through to the Town of Stonewall for the kilns restoration project.

For major or corporate gifts, please contact the Committee Fundraising Co-Chair Dale Oughton at or 204-806-4250.

To donate to this fund, please mail a cheque payable to the Interlake Community Foundation PO Box 1575 Stonewall MB R0C 2Z0. All donors gifting $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. The donor form for printing is here: Save the Kilns Donation form

If you would like to send an e-transfer, please use and follow-up with an email to us with your name and mailing address so that we can send you a donation receipt.

This link will describe other ways to give, including  donations of shares:

Town of Stonewall makes Million Dollar contribution to “Save the Kilns” initiative.
STONEWALL, January 20, 2022 – The Town of Stonewall Council passed a resolution at their January 19, 2022 meeting approving a $1,000,000 contribution to the “Save the Kilns” initiative. The project which will see the restoration of three kilns located at Quarry Park in Stonewall, along with the development of green space around the structures, is estimated to cost a total of 3.5 million dollars.
“The Kilns are the sentinels of Stonewall and it is crucial that these icons of the community be preserved for future generations,” said Mayor Clive Hinds.
A group of community-minded people comprised of members of the local heritage committee, community members, and volunteers have all come together to move the “Save the Kilns” project forward. The initiative began in 2018 and the people involved have continued to work for the past four years despite the negative impact the pandemic has had on progress.
“This is a very good announcement for the Project and the community. We can now say we are moving forward with this once-in-a-century project and that is extremely exciting,” stated Committee Fundraising Co-Chair Dale Oughton.
The actual refurbishment and enhancement of the Kilns and surrounding green space will take a number of years to complete. The announcement of a funding commitment by the Town means that work on the first phase of the project can begin in 2022. Details of the Town’s contribution include $500,000 to the Save the Kilns project in 2022 and a further $100,000 annually for 2023 to 2027.
“The restoration of the Kilns is an important part of connecting with our past. Stonewall is a Town that exists because of the Kilns and we need to recognize and honour that heritage,” said Deputy Mayor Jackie Luellman.
Once completed, the restored Kilns will become a destination for tourism. It will be a significant draw for the community, bringing tourists and events to Stonewall that will help drive the local economy.
“The Council is proud to support the Save the Kilns Project. The Kilns are part of Stonewall’s DNA and worth every penny in terms of the history they represent,” stated Mayor Hinds.


The Interlake Community Foundation is very pleased to help with this flow through fund in partnership with the Town of Stonewall.