Established in 1994


Memorial and Honourary Donations

In 2022, the Interlake Community Foundation has received donations in memory of: Ethan Boyer Muriel Boyer Diane Dziedzic Jim Harris Donna Jensen...

24-7 Endow Challenge Nov. 15 to 21, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that in November 2021, we received $70,062.65 in donations!!! Lloyd Jensen honoured his pledge of $5000....
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Community Builder Club–Monthly or Annual Automatic Donations

You can become a member of the Community Builder Club and help build your community for a minimum commitment of $10 per...

Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy Click here to view and print the policy.
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Thank you to our Donors!

The Interlake Community Foundation Inc. wishes to thank each donor who made a donation in 2021. Thank you for the donors who...
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How to Make a Donation to the ICF

Giving to the Interlake Community Foundation is easy and the funds will help your community forever! Your gift will be pooled with...
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Thanking Our Donors

The Board of Directors of the Interlake Community Foundation, Inc. gratefully wishes to acknowledge the following donors for their donations in 2014:...
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