Established in 1994


Rural Municipality of Woodlands


The Rural Municipality of Woodlands is a rural community composed of a population diverse in cultural heritage who share a common desire for the quality of life found in a rural agricultural setting. Residents enjoy the wide-open spaces, clean air, water and a safe, friendly atmosphere in which family life thrives. The rural lifestyle is afforded in both a rural residential setting and in several small villages.

Rural Municipality of Rosser


Located adjacent to the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rosser is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Rural Municipality or Rockwood


The Rural Municipality of Rockwood has a long and rich history going back to 1880 when the Municipality was incorporated. The Municipality’s forefathers determined that Rockwood would prosper through the promotion and development of opportunities in education and industry.

Town of Stonewall


Located a short drive north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Town of Stonewall is a great place to live, invest and raise a family.

Town of Teulon


Known throughout Manitoba as the ‘Gateway to the Interlake,’ Teulon is a friendly, rural community located 30 minutes north of the City of Winnipeg on PTH #7. Nestled in the heart of some of Western Canada’s finest agriculture land, our community’s goal is to maintain a strong focus on a sustainable future while at the same time creating a modern and progressive town that everyone and anyone would be proud to call home.


The Winnipeg Foundation


Canada’s first community foundation, The Winnipeg Foundation, was established in 1921. Today they are the second largest community foundation in Canada, with more than 1,800 endowment funds established by people from all walks of life. These donors, who now number in the thousands, have all shared a commitment to the charitable organizations that enrich and sustain their community and the Foundation’s vision of “a Winnipeg where community life flourishes.”

The Thomas Sill Foundation


The Thomas Sill Foundation exists to provide encouragement and financial assistance to qualifying organizations operating in Manitoba that are working to advance the quality of life in the province. Their encouragement of grant-seeker activities should help to promote support of those activities by others in the community. Their financial assistance is provided within the context of a limited budget which means that The Foundation must choose from among worthy alternatives.

Community Foundations of Canada