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Community Grant Applications

2024 Community Grant Program

The Deadline to apply for a Community Grant is JUNE 30th, 2024

Please note that there will be no Community Grant Intake in February 2024.

ICF Community Grant Application 2024

Our next Community Grant Celebration will be in October 2024.

Above photo by Joanne Procter

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Gifts and donations to the ICF are invested in perpetuity providing a means to build a permanent legacy for the communities it serves. These donations are usually designated for a specific community or purpose, which, in turn, makes for different levels of funding available for distribution in our areas of Stonewall, Teulon, RMs of Rockwood, Rosser and Woodlands. For 2023, there will be approximately $33,500 available in grant funds for our communities.

Grants are made only to organizations which are registered as charities with Canada Revenue Agency. All applications are considered on merit and in light of funds available for distribution for that particular community or area of interest.

The cut off for applications is June 30th of each year. Applications to be received in triplicate. Questions? Call or email–we are here to help you! 204.467.5634

2024 Community Grant Application Form  please click here: ICF Community Grant Application 2024

Photography above donated by Erin Carradice.



  • Grants are made only to organizations which are registered as charities with Canada Revenue Agency.
  • All applications are considered on merit and in light of funds available for distribution for that particular community or area of interest.
  • Projects shall not be located on privately owned property.
  • Matching or challenge grants may be made in appropriate circumstances to stimulate response from other sources.
  • The receipt of grant applications is not formally acknowledged. Applicants should allow at least 2 to 3 months for completion of the review process.
  • Any proposed alterations to an approved project must be presented in writing to the Interlake Community Foundation Board for approval.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to publish photos and names of individuals and organizations in its annual reports, promotional displays, social media and website.
  • Grants are not paid in advance of the project’s completion—receipts are required.
  • Representatives from the organization must attend our Annual Grant Presentation Event (usually held in May) and make a brief oral presentation on their organization and/or project. If they do not attend, they must present to the Board at a future Board meeting.
  • Successful applicants are required to provide a written report, copies of receipts, and photos before receipt of the grant funds. Failure to comply will be taken into account with any future requests for funds.
  • Funds are for:
    • –capital projects;
    • –materials for specific or one-time projects;
    • –materials for specific programs;
    • We do not fund labour or installation costs or wages.
    • We do not cover PST or GST


  • The Interlake Community Foundation encompasses the areas of the R.M. of Rockwood, R.M. of Rosser, R.M. of Woodlands, Town of Stonewall, and Town of Teulon.
  • Grants are awarded on an annual basis in the spring of each year.
  • Organizations seeking funds must demonstrate a strong and committed volunteer Board of Directors, fiscal responsibility, and effective management of resources.
  • Grants are awarded for definite or specific purposes and for projects covering a specific period of time.
  • Multi year projects may be considered.
  • Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your project before applying. We are here to help!
  • Preference is given to programs which promote volunteer participation, and which do not duplicate services provided by other organizations.
  • The following are not eligible for grants:

– individuals                                                                – governments

– annual fund drives                                                   – projects already completed

– to establish or add to endowment funds                  – direct political or religious activities

– to pay down mortgages or reduce deficits               – general conference support

APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED OR RECEIVED BY JUNE 30, 2024. Applications do need to be in triplicate and should be mailed to the ICF at Box 1575 Stonewall MB R0C2Z0. Applications can be dropped off at Access CU in Stonewall, marked to the attention of Bob Beck, ICF Chair.

 Guidelines for Application Sponsorship (if organization does not have its own charitable status)

 In exceptional cases, The Interlake Community Foundation does accept applications from organizations that are not registered as charities with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Such applications must be officially sponsored by another organization that does have charitable status or by a Municipality. Cheques are made payable to the sponsoring charity that has registered charity status only.

These are the conditions for such an application to be considered:

  • There must be a direct affiliation with the sponsoring charitable organization.
  • A letter from the sponsoring organization’s President must be submitted indicating:
  • the nature of the affiliation or relationship with the organization undertaking the project;
  • the sponsoring organization’s willingness to undertake financial and legal responsibility for the project;
  • its mailing address, telephone and email address;
  • its charitable registration number;
  • its organizational mandate.
  • The sponsoring organization must attach:
  • its Board of Directors’ names, addresses and telephone numbers;
  • its financial statement for the last complete fiscal year.

The above should be submitted to The Interlake Community Foundation with the application form IN TRIPLICATE. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to applying. We are here to help! 204.467.5634 or

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